God Sent!

Nicole and the ladies of LDW are God sent! Coach Nicole leads by example and is swift to respond when I have questions or concerns. The kindness and humility displayed within this group is unmatched. Grateful to have been referred to such an amazing

Sholanda Miller-Bailey

Like a Family!

Ever since I’ve joined this dance team Coach Nicole has treated me like family and is always kind and caring. She is like a second mom to me! She is there for me when I need something or have any troubles. I’m definitely grateful for all she has and continues to do for me along

Imani Nesbeth

Hidden Gem

I had been looking for a space to record my social media content and I feel so blessed to have found LDW Studios. The space is great! Full of natural lightening and beautiful floors. I will definitely use the space

Sherrell Moore-Tucker


Roneice walked through those doors of LDW for the first time and her eyes lite up like stars. She was so amazed at all the girls that were dancing and immediately wanted join. LDW turned a shy little girls dreams into great big goals of accomplishments. This team made my granddaughter feel like she can

Marie Hemsley

A Team that Prayers together Says to together

Being a part of the warriorettes family has changed the lives of me and my family. I’ve been apart of this family for over 10 years and the love I have shared and bonds I have grown are unreplaceable. Not only have we met lifelong friends but also a supportive family. This team has not

Patricia Carter