Miya Usher Years with Limitless LDW

Miya daughter Miya Usher was a shy young lady who loved to spend time alone.
I made the decision to put her on a dance team to build up her confidence.
LDW was a win,win!! My daughter became an awesome dancer who enjoyed being around young ladies on the team.
Coach Nicole is Not only a coach, she inspires and pours into the girls the importance of being a young ladies at All times.
I appreciate the inspirational stories and weekly prayers. Thank you LDW for the amazing and awesome experiences. My daughter has learned so much from your creativity.
Miya is Junior in college atending Virginia State University.
Miya is a confident young lady majoring in Elementary Education.
Continue to live out your dream and inspire young ladies through dance.
# Iamgratefulandthankful

Parent of Miya Usher

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